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FlagTrax Revolution

Flags and banners flown from FlagTrax Revolution™ offer all the benefits of traditional flags and banners including, eye catching colour and movement, while ensuring the message on your street flag is always visible even on windless days.

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  • FlagTrax Revolution™ reduces the cost of flag and banner installation.

  • Raise and lower flags and banners in seconds from the safety of ground level.

  • Flags flown from rotating poles last longer than traditional fixed flags and banners as they rotate around the pole with the wind.

  • The large display area is ideal for decoration or promotion.

  • Silent and secure with no ropes or pulleys to break or jam.

  • No more cherry pickers, qualified technicians, traffic management plans or health & safety issues.

  • Engineered to withstand New Zealand’s harsh weather conditions, and to provide years of reliable service.

  • Height: 8m

  • Flag size: 3.8m x 0.95m

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A stunning flag and banner display

This is achieved by enabling the FlagTrax mechanism to freely rotate around the pole on specially designed bearings. The end result is a stunning flag display that brands, draws attention and promotes in a far more effective way than static signage.

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FlagTrax Revolution™ Security

Each FlagTrax Revolution™ incorporates a tamper-proof lock and key mechanism which is located at the bottom access point of the track.

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FlagTrax Revolution™ Flags

As well as the huge reductions in operating costs offered by FlagTrax®, you now have the choice of several leading flag companies to supply FlagTrax® Street Flags at competitive prices.