From Auckland Transport

Auckland Transport Rail Services Department have now had the FlagTrax system installed for 10 months at 2 of our rail stations.

With live overhead lines for electric trains, the use of cherry picker to swap flags over was not an options for us, so we decided to trial out the FlagTrax system due to its simplicity in changeover of the flags.

I have personally witnessed the flags being taken down and put back up again in literally 2 minutes, which is a tremendous time saving for us compared to your standard flags.

The system itself is extremely durable, and this has been tested in a few storms Auckland has over winter months. Ultimately, I would personally recommend; and have been recommending this system to other departments, and organisations. It is easy, smart looking, durable and highly affordable starting from initial install, to your everyday flag swap costs.

Kristina Sgibneva
Assets and Facilities EngineerĀ 
Auckland Transport