Raising and Lowering FlagTrax® Street Flags

The following is a detailed guide to raising and lowering FlagTrax® Street Flags. This operation should be carried out in calm weather. 


fig 1

Step 1

Insert the FlagTrax® key fully into keyhole in the Locking Cap at the bottom of the PushPull Rod to release the security clip.


fig 2

Step 2

With the key inserted, pull the PushPull Rod a few centimeters out of the track.  Remove the key and store in a safe place.


fig 3

Step 3

Fully remove the PushPull Rod from the track (Fig 3). The best method is to carefully coil the rod as you remove it. 

Important: See Notes 1 & 2 below.


fig 5

Step 4

Attach the FlagTrax® flag to the top of the PushPull Rod by sliding the special plastic sliders on the flag into the slot in the PushPull rod.

Start with the Bottom Flag Clip fixed to the tape at the bottom of the flag. The ‘wing’ on the side of the clip will be caught by the Flag Tensioner positioned on the track. For this reason the ‘wing’ must be on the correct side, and the clip can be rotated if necessary. Some FlagTrax® systems are fitted with two Flag Tensioners at different levels to allow for flags of different heights to be used. It is therefore important the ‘wing’ is on the correct side of the flag to catch in the correct tensioner.


fig 6

Step 5

Fit all remaining sliders into the PushPull rod and finally the Top Flag Clip which must ‘click’ securely into place into the hole at the end of the rod.

This then becomes the leading edge of the PushPull Rod.



fig 7

Step 6

Insert the Top Flag Clip and the PushPull Rod into the track and push the flag to the top of the track.



fig 10

The flag will then tension correctly as the ‘wing’ on the Bottom Flag Clip catches in the Flag Tensioner.




fig 8

Step 7


Ensure the PushPull Locking Cap ‘clicks’ securely into place at the base of the track.



Removal of FlagTrax® flag is the reverse of the above. Please see below for tips in removing FlagTrax Street Flags from the PushPull Rod.


Tips on Raising and Lowering FlagTrax Flags

1. When removing or inserting the PushPull Rod keep it as parallel as possible to the track. Never bend it an angle.

2. The PushPull rod must be loosely coiled - the diameter of the coil must not be less than 1.0m.

image 1a

3. The PushPull Rod should slide up the track relatively freely, but some resistance will be felt as it moves around the curved section of the track. An aerosol can of silicone spray may be used on the PushPull Rod to reduce friction if required. Never use petroleum based lubricants as these will damage both plastic and aluminum components.

4. Treat the PushPull Locking Cap with care and ensure the locking clip engages correctly in the bottom of the track and is not bent or damaged.

5. When no flag is fitted to FlagTrax®, the PushPull Rod should be replaced in the track for safe keeping wherever possible. If it must be stored elsewhere, it should be kept clean, straight and flat, away from heat, and must not be crushed, twisted or distorted in any way.

6. When removing the Top Flag Clip from the PushPull Rod use a pivoting motion as illustrated. Do not twist the clip as this may damage the PushPull Rod.

image 1b

7. Be particularly careful in very hot climates to avoid exposure to excessive heat, and ideally flag change-outs should be made when cooler. Never place rods on surfaces that may reach extreme temperatures such as roofs, roads, pavements etc. These surfaces can reach temperatures way in excess of air temperatures and may cause plastics to soften and distort.
If, in the unlikely event the flag catches on any protrusions on the pole while being raised or lowered, never use force. Simply move it up or down a few centimeters to release it, and then carefully move it again past the protrusion.

8. FlagTrax® enables the rapid raising and lowering of flags from the safety of ground level. To avoid possible damage to flags or FlagTrax® components, the precautionary removal of flags prior to any severe weather events is recommended.

Please note: Only flags, banners and other objects authorised by Nexus Developments Limited, and sourced from licensed manufacturers are to be used on the patented PushPull track system. Flag hardware incorporated in the manufacture of the flags (specialised plastic fittings and webbing) must never be reused in the manufacture of new flags. Failure to comply will compromise safety, intellectual property law and will void any warranties.