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Simple in function and simple to use, FlagTrax provides an innovative and proven approach to flag and banner display and installation.

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  • Raise and lower flags and banners in seconds from ground level.
  • Silent and secure with no moving arms, ropes or pulleys to break or jam. 
  • Street flags can now be seen 24 hours a day with the option of ultra-efficient & long lasting low power LED lighting inserts.
  • FlagTrax can be fitted to new or existing poles, lampposts, light stands and walls.
  • Available in a range of standard sizes and configurations, or can be custom configured to suit specific requirements.
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FlagTrax® Mounting Options

FlagTrax® is designed for a wide range of applications. These include mounting to lighting columns, round or octagonal steel or concrete poles, wooden lampposts etc., as well as mounting to suitable walls, stand-alone fixed poles etc. 
A horizontal arm or bracket is required to support the top of the FlagTrax track and to bear the wind forces on the flag. This arm or bracket can be an integral part of the lamppost or can be retrofitted to it when the FlagTrax unit is installed.

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FlagTrax® Security

Each FlagTrax incorporates a tamper-proof lock and key mechanism which is located at the bottom access point of the track.

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FlagTrax® Flags

As well as the huge reductions in operating costs offered by FlagTrax®, you now have the choice of several leading flag companies to supply FlagTrax® Street Flags at competitive prices.